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Experian Marketing Services Signs On As First Company to Certify Ad Ops and Programmatic Talent

2015-05-13_2016NEW YORK, NY (May 11, 2015) — The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) today launched the IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification Program, which aims to ensure that digital media and marketing professionals are proficient in data management—a critical area of expertise as the industry increases its dependence upon data-driven marketing techniques such as programmatic buying and selling. This will also address a current shortage of digital industry executives who are skilled in the latest digital data solutions.

The development of this credential has laid the groundwork for a training program that will be crafted with the guidance of the IAB Data Council. The goal of the certification program is that all members of the digital advertising ecosystem—marketers, agencies, publishers, and vendors—will have the expertise needed to make interactive advertising more efficient.

Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader and trusted partner in data analytics and marketing technology, will be the first company to put their current ad operations and programmatic teams as well as new talent through the certification program.

“Experian has been helping companies to adopt efficient and responsible data management practices for decades but with the complexity and scale of the information available today, advertisers need clarity and assurances just as much as they need data experts,” said Jay Stocki, Vice President, Digital Services, Experian Marketing Services. “At Experian, we believe that digital marketers have a stewardship role to play in our data-driven economy—as an industry we need to empower everyone involved in the product/service life cycle to make informed and balanced decisions about how data is collected, processed, shared, activated and monetized within the ad tech ecosystem. The IAB’s efforts help to foster education, empowerment and trust in those practices and we are proud to play a role in helping them to further that with this certification.”

“The IAB’s certification programs have quickly become the most widely recognized credential in our industry,” said Khurrum Malik, Head of North America Product Marketing, Facebook and Co-Chair of the IAB Data Council. “Expanding the program to include data solutions providers was an important step towards a developing a consistent professional standard. I am proud of the work the IAB Data Council has contributed to bring this program to life.”

“Data convergence is one of the most important changes in marketing and advertising since the digital revolution,” said Patrick Dolan, Executive Vice President and COO, IAB.  “This IAB program will address the change in skills required to operate in this new digital media environment.”

“By extending the certification program into digital data solutions, IAB and its members are defining the knowledge required in this rapidly growing field.  It will also help to distinguish qualified job applicants and simplify hiring decisions,” said Michael Theodore, Senior Vice President, Learning and Development, IAB and General Manager of the IAB Education Foundation. “The IAB Data Council members have been extraordinary partners throughout the development process. Their expertise was instrumental in assembling the competencies covered within the test.”

The IAB Certification Programs establish and measure the baseline industry knowledge required for digital advertising professionals. Since IAB first introduced the certification programs, more than 4,000 professionals are now actively certified through the two initial offerings—the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Program, launched in 2012, and the Digital Ad Ops Certification Program, introduced in 2013.

This latest certification credential is the most recent reminder that digital advertising professionals need to stay abreast of the most current tools and trends spanning the data landscape. Competencies covered in the data solutions certification include:

  • Establishing Data Policies
  • Managing Data Supply
  • Creating Data Products
  • Developing Client Data Solutions
  • Activating Data Integrations
  • Data Analytics

No formal coursework is required to take the IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification examination, though the IAB is planning on offering both basic and advanced data classes soon. The program is designed for digital marketing and media professionals with at least two years of experience in data analytics and/or management. It is recommended for candidates who have a strong command of current industry issues and operations; possess broad skills and abilities; and have a wide understanding of data lifecycles, security, sources, transfer mechanisms, and manipulation methods.

The test costs $500 for IAB members and $750 for non-members. To keep their credentials active, certificate holders are expected to meet continuing education requirements every two years in order to keep pace with developments in the ever-evolving digital data arena.

Digital advertising professionals must complete an examination, independently administered by Pearson VUE, to receive the certification. Candidates interested in applying to take the Digital Data Solutions Certification exam may do so online beginning today, at The first examination will be conducted beginning June 1, 2015 with additional windows slated for September and December of this year.

For more information on the IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification program or to register to take the exam during the next window, please visit

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