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We’ve all had good managers that were not good leaders, and great leaders who were not great managers. When you think back to your favorites, and not-so-favorites, there are always a number of themes that stand out.

According to Lynn LeBlanc, co-founder and CEO of HotLink, a Santa Clara, California-based hybrid IT management company, being a good boss–someone who motivates team members to do their best work–involves behaviors that don’t come naturally for everyone. This Inc. article was very interesting, with the main behaviors that Lynn called out being:

1. They exude confidence.

2. They help people understand they’re doing work that matters.

3. They focus on only a few reachable goals.

4. They commit to understanding what each employee wants out of his or her career.

5. They help team members play to their strengths.

6. They give honest feedback.

7. They avoid false praise for trivial accomplishments.

This came across as a very thought-provoking list to me, and it certainly reinforces to me what all good “bosses” have in common: they do a great job of putting their people first. By connecting what their team members are motivated by with the mission or goal of the team, they’re able to inspire their folks to put the effort needed for the organization and the individual to grow.

Read the full article here.

What else would you add to this list, for yourself or your favorite managers?