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Transparency is the key to success in programmatic advertising, which is why it is one of our core values here at Smaato. We are always looking for new ways to provide our partners with key industry insights to help optimize their mobile campaigns, and most importantly, we also seek to create deeper connections between our demand partners and 90,000+ publishers.

To bring these programmatic relationships to the real world, we are hitting a few select markets with some of our favorite app publishers. This week, we met up with our demand partners in Chicago, where we enjoyed breakfast highlighted by speakers from Gameloft, Trebel Music and MobilityWare.

We discussed the latest trends in programmatic & mobile, and shared a number of ideas for how to leverage in-app inventory for Q4. We talked about how, not only is the digital media space increasingly mobile-first — it is increasingly app-first. Consumers seem to have an insatiable appetite for apps, as in-app time is eating up the overwhelming majority of total mobile minutes. As a result, an impressive 94% of the ad requests on the Smaato platform currently come from apps.

As the in-app programmatic space continues to outpace the larger programmatic market, it is important to keep these in-app trends top of mind as you finalize your advertising strategy. Here are my top 5 learnings from the event:

  1. On average, we use over 30 apps per month and spend over two hours per day in-app (with Facebook only making up 19% of this time).
  2. 60% of females play mobile games on a daily basis.
  3. Lat/long location data can be found in many apps, not just mapping or utility apps. For example, Trebel Music can use location data together with the user’s mood (based on their playlists) to select an appropriate advertisement.
  4. In-app video advertising is hot – it has grown over 142% on the Smaato platform from Q1 to Q2 2017.
  5. Teens aren’t the only gamers — across Gameloft’s 100+ million monthly users, a staggering 58% are parents!

Want to learn more? Join us for lunch in Atlanta next Thursday, September 28, 2017 to hear about how to maximize in-app inventory as we head into the biggest spending season of the year. At this event, we will be joined by four of our supply partners:

  • MeetMe, the #1 social network for meeting new people in the US
  • Trebel Music, a music app changing the way millennials access their favorite music
  • MobilityWare, the largest publisher of casual games such as Solitaire, Freecell & Pyramid
  • Sevenlogics, the maker of apps such as Family Organizer & Pregnancy Tracker

We will also explore the latest trends of the in-app ecosystem with Glenn Fishback, my CRO here at Smaato. The event will conclude with the opportunity for networking and 1:1 meetings.

RSVP for the Atlanta event now!

If you’re not in Atlanta next week, you can find the latest insights into the mobile programmatic landscape in our latest Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report, which analyzes the 1.5+ trillion ad impressions on the Smaato platform in Q2 2017. Find out what we’re seeing each day on our platform and how you can harness our data to make more informed decisions in developing your in-app advertising strategy.

(Originally posted on LinkedIn, September 22, 2017)


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