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“I keep my to-do list short. Every morning I write down the three most important things I need to do that day to move the needle forward. This helps me to make sure I’m playing more offense than defense. It’s so easy to get bogged down in email and other people’s to-do lists that when you look up at the end of the day you realize you didn’t make any progress on the things that are most important. Keeping my to-do list forces me to prioritize and do just the things that are most important.”

–Ethan Austin, founder of the online fundraising website Give Forward, which has raised more than $150 million and hosts 20,000 active fundraisers at any given time.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to learn from others who are successful, even if it’s only a small suggestion here or an interesting tip there. I’ll post a new one each morning, as we work through “The Daily Habits of 35 People at the Top of Their Game”, and learn from 35 successful entrepreneurs, founders and executives.

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