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“This enables me to get things done on the same day instead of allowing the guilt pile to build up. I keep blocks on my schedule to avoid overscheduling each day… I am significantly more productive when I am not forced to multitask. Studies have shown that multitasking leads to inefficiency. By creating pockets of time in which I can work alone, I am able to accomplish tasks on the same day and leave time for collaboration.”

–Dr. Walter S. Scott, founder, executive vice president, and CTO of satellite imagery company DigitalGlobe, which provides images and geospatial content to U.S. government defense and intelligence agencies, international governments, and major online mapping platforms such as Google.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to learn from others who are successful, even if it’s only a small suggestion here or an interesting tip there. I’ll post a new one each morning, as we work through “The Daily Habits of 35 People at the Top of Their Game”, and learn from 35 successful entrepreneurs, founders and executives.

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