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The Second in a series by Adobe Corporate Communications


“What is the one move marketers need to make for 2015 to be the year of true digital transformation?”

That’s the question that Adobe’s top resource for marketing insights and inspiration,, posed to marketing leaders for the fourth annual series of predictions exploring the changes marketers are likely to face in the year to come. And more than 70 of the world’s top marketing experts from North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region responded, sharing their thoughts on the single most important thing that marketers should focus on to help define the digital landscape of 2015.

Here are five of our favorite responses, below, which explore the impact that increasingly sophisticated mobile devices—along with new technologies, like Oculus Rift—may soon have on the state of digital marketing and customer engagement.

Maryam-BanikarimVirtual Reality Storytelling

A quickly emerging trend for the future is virtual-reality storytelling. This setting allows audiences to experience an event rather than just read, hear, or watch it. It is immersive, interactive, and engaging. We at Gannett have had a lot of interest in our experimentation with this format. The constantly improving graphics from the entertainment world, coupled with the quick rise of companies like Oculus Rift, makes the adoption of VR for mainstream audiences a quickly approaching actuality. But I bet very few brands have thought about how to engage with this technology.

–Maryam Banikarim, SVP & CMO, Gannett


Location-Based Marketing

In 2015, marketers will begin to see that “location is the new cookie.” It represents a way to track the movements of consumers across day parts and media types, inclusive of radio, TV, and DOOH. Supported by next-generation GPS and improvements in indoor location technology like beacons, marketers will spend heavily on mobile/location infrastructure in support of this targeting. While there are privacy and ethical considerations, consumers will understand the premise of true value exchange and readily trade their data for content that is personally relevant.

–Asif R. Khan, Founder and President, Location Based Marketing Association


 One-To-One Marketing Via Mobile

Like many others, I believe 2015 will be a breakthrough year for mobile marketing. The introduction of Apple Pay and other NFC payment solutions, combined with geolocation, geofencing, and beacon technologies finally make real-time, one-to-one marketing a reality. Marketers can now use the variables of time, proximity, and person to create compelling and relevant offers that will drive incremental sales. This new paradigm creates the need to assure apps deliver as much utility as possible and are as functional as possible. The mobile phone has truly become the 21st-century Swiss Army knife.

–Eric Lent, Chief Marketing & Consumer Technology Officer, Herschend Family Entertainment

PekbeckenAdopt And Integrate 

The one thing marketers need to concentrate on is the adoption of new technologies and their frictionless integration into the customer experience. NFC, RFID, and geolocation push services are going to drive intelligent marketing, and the data harvested from them will supercharge the decisions of the smartest CMOs.

–Nihal Pekbeken, VP Marketing, Ticketmaster

ray-punMobile Priority

Marketing teams will recognize the need to reinvent their organizations around customers who expect an amazing mobile experience. Mobile is no longer a “test” for marketing leaders who are making sizable investments in people, processes, and technology. I expect marketers to shift investments from what they know: desktop Web marketing, to the new world of mobile marketing, where acquisition, engagement, and conversion tactics address apps, mobile Web, and mobile messaging. In addition, more companies will prioritize the use of mobile analytics and optimization technologies to drive relevant, personalized, and location-aware experiences in their mobile apps.

–Ray Pun, Strategic Marketing for Mobile Solutions, Adobe; Blogger/Mobile First