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“It’s easy to get caught up answering emails all day and feeling like work is being done but by the end of the day realize that no progress has been made on strategically pushing the business forward. You just spent the whole day fighting fires and solving immediate problems but the to-do list remain the same as the day prior. Email can also be a bit of a disruption given that it comes in in random intervals and thus can take focus away from projects and work that require a continuous block of time and thinking. As a result, it is really important to invest blocks on time on email every day but also block off times where email is not checked. I do not let email become the default work item because it eventually [becomes an] insidious kind of semi-procrastination.”

–William Hsu, co-managing partner of Los Angeles-based VC Mucker Capital, which was ranked as the No. 2 accelerator in the U.S. by Seed Accelerators Ranking, a joint study by MIT and Rice University.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to learn from others who are successful, even if it’s only a small suggestion here or an interesting tip there. I’ll post a new one each morning, as we work through “The Daily Habits of 35 People at the Top of Their Game”, and learn from 35 successful entrepreneurs, founders and executives.

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