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“Every Tuesday at noon, San Francisco administrators test the emergency alarm system, which I now use as a marker for a notable time each week. Every Tuesday at noon, I deliberately try to “let go of all things negative, retain all things positive, and march forward to a better week, and a better you!” Though this started as a personal habit, it’s become a company-wide event across multiple time zones.”

–Neha Sampat, CEO of digital tech solutions provider, which powers innovation at the intersection of enterprise mobility and the internet of things (IoT) for startups and industry-leading companies. Sampat also co-founded KurbKarma, was named a “San Francisco Business Times 40 under 40″ honoree, as well as one of “50 Women in Tech Dominating Silicon Valley” in 2015.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to learn from others who are successful, even if it’s only a small suggestion here or an interesting tip there. I’ll post a new one each morning, as we work through “The Daily Habits of 35 People at the Top of Their Game”, and learn from 35 successful entrepreneurs, founders and executives.

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